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This work on the left is the latest in my series "Swedenborg Angels" inspired by the life of the 18th-century scientist and mystic Immanuel Swedenborg. One of the truly brilliant men of the Age of Enlightenment, Swedenborg was known and respected throughout the European scientific community. Then, at the age of 56, he was visited in a dream by the Archangel Michael and told to drop his scientific studies and write only of what the angels were to reveal to him, which he did until his death 28 years later. You'll find more angels in the galleries under "Swedenborg Angels".

Welcome to Hexagonart, the internet home of Jeff Richards, a Denver, Colorado based Visual Artist.

Inside you'll find galleries of my art and a blog where I write about the thoughts, reveries and speculations that inform my work. In the "About Me" page I list current and future exhibitions and events I'll be taking part in.

If you have further interest in my work, or care to comment or respond to my blog, please email me at:


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